The winner of the game is the player who makes the next to last mistake.


  • It contributes to self-development by positively affecting the character. 
  • It helps to think and make decisions quickly and appropriately
  • It helps to look at the things with a multi-dimensional perspective.
  • It helps to learn the importance of acting with a plan and its necessity.
  • It develops self-confidence.
  • It helps to better recognize strengths and skills of the person and to bring them out.
  • It develops skills of concentration and focusing.
  • It accelerated the speed of learning and understanding.
  • It brings forth scientific thinking.
  • It develops suspicious approach to incidents, situations and subjects.
  • It develops creativity.
  • It teaches that success can be achieved by systematic and disciplined work.
  • It develops the ability to struggle.
  • It teaches not to give up in the face of failures and to work harder.
  • It promotes determining logical goals for the individual.
  • It lets people to recognize their negative characteristics and deficiencies.
  • It teaches to obey rules, play friendly, accept defeat and congratulate the winner.
  • It helps people to socialize and establish healthy relations.